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Saxon Irrigation Solutions was established in 2022 with its flagship product the Hydros water resonator. Our small but growing startup was founded to provide reliable and innovative technology designed to optimize and improve the wettability of irrigation water without using chemicals.

Saxon's Hydros technology uses Swiss engineering to improve irrigation effectiveness and is the perfect addition to your precision watering program.

Saxon's sister company HER International provides the same revolutionary optimization technology in Latin America.


The Saxon team brings more than 50 years of global business experience to the table, including time in the agricultural, energy, and chemical industries.


As water restrictions and regulations continue to tighten, the Saxon team leverages its expertise and access to technology to create efficiencies that translate into profit for our clients. 

Marina von Bergen

Marina brings over 20 years of business strategy, marketing, and communications in various industries in the Americas & Europe to the team. Having worked in large global firms such as Deloitte as well as smaller boutique organizations, she brings a well-rounded and results-driven approach to her strategic role with Saxon Irrigation Solutions. 

Jeremy Viscomi


Jeremy is an established entrepreneur and marketing and communications leader. He brings over 20 years of design and implementation of marketing and business development strategies and tactics that have generated profit for his companies. In addition, he specializes in technology commercialization and go-to-market strategy.

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